Welcome to kworb.net!

On here you will find all kinds of music-related data.
If you want to know how your favorite artist is doing, then this is the place to be.


Under ITUNES you will find the famous red and green iTunes updates that started it all. Check out the top 100 in each main market and discover if songs are climbing or falling relative to the ones around them. Then get addicted and start refreshing every 3 minutes.

ITUNES WW is where you find my composite iTunes charts, both the worldwide and European ones. These charts are based on global popularity rather than sales.

The global ARTIST ranking updates every 15 minutes and combines all iTunes and Spotify charts. This section contains individual artist pages where you can get a quick overview of all countries a song or album is charting in, which is probably kworb.net's second most popular feature.

The only manually updated section of kworb.net is the US SALES section, where I estimate US single sales during the tracking week based on the iTunes popularity values. I usually update this twice a week, on Monday and Friday.

If you want to know if your favorite song is being played on US radio, head to the RADIO section.

SPOTIFY is my favorite streaming service because they're the only ones who publish detailed streaming data. I've used their daily and weekly charts to create song and artist pages, and I've added statistics to their country charts.

The latest addition to kworb.net is the YOUTUBE section. Which music videos are currently being viewed the most? When will this video hit the 100 million mark? Are this artist's music videos blocked in any countries? These questions, and many more, are answered here.


I'm always improving and fixing little things here and there, but these are some of the bigger things I'm currently working on: Happy browsing!